Graduate Digital assets Trader
Graduate Digital assets Trader

(Startersfunctie voor Informatica, Informatiekunde, Natuurkunde, Wiskunde)

Graduate Digital assets Trader

Interested in executing trades, developing innovative strategies and applying AI or machine learning techniques to the financial markets? Looking for a career that allows you to be on the edge of your seat while making decisions? Keep on reading! This full-time role offers the training necessary for you to become a successful Trader at our world-renowned trading firm.

Flow Traders is at the intersection of finance, cutting-edge technology and scientific research. Financial markets have rapidly shifted from trading in the pit to algorithmic trading, and our business model has made us an entrepreneurial and competitive firm in the FinTech space.

As a Trader, you manage and optimize our daily positions (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products including ETPs, bonds, derivatives, FX, crypto’s and other complexly structured products. You will work with the Traders on your desk to formulate innovative trading strategies, while also developing models and tools in collaboration with our technology teams. This team-driven mindset when creating trailblazing strategies is what allows us to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and efficiently.


We are looking for creative problem-solvers with a passion for financial markets, regardless of his or her formal finance and trading knowledge. All Graduate Digital assets Traders will begin with an extensive 3-month onboarding program, during which they will learn about our core business, the financial products we trade, and the mathematics behind their pricing. You will also go through trading simulations and quantitative classes given by our Senior Traders. Gradually, you will take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets, making split-second portfolio adjustments, and you will finish your onboarding program with a real trading project with the other Graduate Digital assets Traders.

After training and onboarding, you will be assigned to a trading desk based on your skills and interests. As part of this team of Traders, you will begin developing into one of the following trading areas:

Spread Trading

Focus on pricing challenging financial products that require impeccable risk/reward trading decisions.

Quantitative Trading

Focus on applying Mathematics, Statistics, Probability Theory, Machine Learning techniques (e.g. deep neural networks) to create profitable trading strategies.

 Tech Trading

Focus on optimizing our trading software in close collaboration with our Product Managers and Software Engineers. You will lead the process of the development of new tools that will improve several trading desks on the trading floor.

 Screen Trading

Focus on continuously quoting bid and ask prices and making split second decisions based on movements in the market.

What you need to succeed

§  University degree, preferably in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Engineering, Finance, Technology or related;

§  Demonstrable interest in trading and global financial markets;

§  Keen interest in IT systems, and an affinity for development languages (C, C++, Python, JAVA, or similar);

§  Innovative & creative high potential with excellent mental arithmetic and analytical skills;

§  Competitive, communicative and able to deliver under pressure;

§  A distinct ability to spot arising opportunities and the assertiveness to seize them;

§  Fluent in English;

§  Maximum of three years’ work experience.

We Offer

We like to think that talent grows at Flow and stays at Flow. To ensure this, we provide our employees with a great, non-hierarchical working environment with many opportunities and fantastic perks, such as:

§  Competitive salary and annual discretionary bonus;

§  Flow Academy for continuous learning;

§  We have our own in-house bar and gym, and a company boat;

§  Breakfast, lunch, snacks and amazing coffee;

§  Table tennis, pool table, arcade and console games;

§  A yearly company trip and Christmas party that exceed expectations;

§  Fun team outings during the year;

§  Rotation within and between our offices worldwide;

§  And many more.

Recruitment process

Flow Traders recruits on-campus at several universities in the Netherlands, UK, France and Germany. Please check our events calendar on our website to find out if we are hosting an event at your university. It is highly recommend to attend one of our presentations!

To be considered for the Graduate Digital assets Trader position:

§  Apply through our website with a CV and convincing cover letter;

§  A numerical test and a capacity test;

§  A phone interview with a Recruiter with a focus on motivation and cultural fit;

§  An interview with a Recruiter and a Trader with a focus on core business knowledge, brainteasers and skills;

§  A case-study interview in our Amsterdam office, conducted by two Senior Traders.


For more information, please email [email protected]. Please reach out through the same e-mail address if you do not receive a confirmation email after applying on our website.


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