Alumni Portal
Alumni Portal

You don't have to be bored as an ex-member of A–Eskwadraat! Using this alumni portal, you can find (among others): the current activities of A–Eskwadraat, the newest edition of the special alumnimagazine A–Eskwadraat roots and possibly lend your skills to this wonderful association!

Photograph of the Reunion of 2006

Contact with other alumni

You can find the contact details of other ex-members in our system (if they indicated that they wish to be found), and keep your own contact details up to date. This way you can be reunited with your old study pals! Log in using the login-box at the top-right of this page. No login? Press the "help" function next to the login-box.


Photograph made during a Reunion Do you care deeply about the association, do you wish to receive the yearly reports from the board or do you want to receive the student-magazine VakIdioot six times a year? For only € 15 you could be a contributor! Discover even more advantages and sign up using our page for contributors.

Or take the shortcut and download the contributorsform!

Photograph of the Reunion


Once every five years, A–Eskwadraat organises a reunion for all ex-members. Our last reunion was held at 6 February 2016. Keep an eye out for our LinkedIn-page to spot the announcement for the reunion of 2021. There will also be electronic invitations via e-mail, so make sure your contact details are (and stay) up to date!

In the meantime, take a look at the photographs of the reunion of 2011 and the reunion of 2006. The photographs of the last reunion (which was held in 2016) can be found right here.


Click here and read some of our issues of A–Eskwadraat roots, our alumnimagazine.

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