Studies: Informatica

As a working student you develop the best risk models for leading financial institutions in the Netherlands. With us you have a lot of contact with customers of these financial institutions. In a short time you not only get to know many different financial models, you also develop them. These models help financial institutions to gain insight into their risk profile and into their customers.

We are a consultancy specialized in (risk) models for the financial sector. In an increasingly complex world, there is also an increasing need to manage risks. Models are an important instrument in this regard. Our services focus on all aspects of the use of models: data, model development, validation, policy and strategy.

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Graduate Digital assets Trader

Interested in executing trades, developing innovative strategies and applying AI or machine learning techniques to the financial markets? Looking for a career that allows you to be on the edge of your seat while making decisions? Keep on reading! This full-time role offers the training necessary for you to become a successful Trader at our world-renowned trading firm.

Flow Traders is at the intersection of finance, cutting-edge technology and scientific research. Financial markets have rapidly shifted from trading in the pit to algorithmic trading, and our business model has made us an entrepreneurial and competitive firm in the FinTech space.

As a Trader, you manage and optimize our daily positions (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products including ETPs, bonds, derivatives, FX, crypto’s and other complexly structured products. You will work with the Traders on your desk to formulate innovative trading strategies, while also developing models and tools in collaboration with our technology teams. This team-driven mindset when creating trailblazing strategies is what allows us to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and efficiently.


We are looking for creative problem-solvers with a passion for financial markets, regardless of his or her formal finance and trading knowledge. All Graduate Digital assets Traders will begin with an extensive 3-month onboarding program, during which they will learn about our core business, the financial products we trade, and the mathematics behind their pricing. You will also go through trading simulations and quantitative classes given by our Senior Traders. Gradually, you will take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets, making split-second portfolio adjustments, and you will finish your onboarding program with a real trading project with the other Graduate Digital assets Traders.

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Ben je wiskundige of statisticus en wil je die kennis graag toepassen binnen praktische projecten?

Die mogelijkheid wordt je geboden in de functie van data specialist bij Witteveen+Bos. Binnen deze functie werk je aan multidisciplinaire projecten op het gebied van de water- en deltatechnologie. Verwacht wordt dat je in staat bent zelfstandig creatieve oplossingen te bedenken voor telkens nieuwe, complexe data vraagstukken.

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We are looking for a Quantitative Consultant to help grow the firm. The job will require you to contribute to all phases of engagements, from origination to delivery, and participating actively in the office operations.

RiskQuest is a consulting firm specializing in developing state-of-the art models and solutions for managing financial risks, preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, and making data-driven decisions to realize a sustainable strategy.

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Flow Traders is looking for Graduate Traders to join our growing Trading team in Amsterdam. The ideal candidate is competitive, driven and passionate about the financial markets. This is a unique opportunity to join a leading proprietary trading firm with an entrepreneurial and innovative culture at the heart of its business. We value quick-witted, creative minds and challenge them to make full use of their capacities. If you aim high, the sky is the limit!



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Ben je enthousiast over databases of ETL-processen en wil je graag aan de slag met complexe data vraagstukken?

Die mogelijkheid word je geboden in de functie van data-engineer bij Witteveen+Bos. Binnen deze functie kun je je analytische vaardigheden toepassen in relevante projecten met impact op het gebied van de water- en deltatechnologie. Verwacht wordt dat je in staat bent zelfstandig oplossingen te bedenken voor telkens nieuwe, complexe data vraagstukken. Je komt terecht in de groep Data-analyse en informatievoorziening waarin een mix van wiskundigen, ICT-specialisten en projectleiders dagelijks samenwerken.

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